The new bed for psychiatric wards.

Designed by Danish government with main goal:
Reduce fixation by psychiatric patients.
Developed by specialists and engineers in cooperation with the psychiatric sector.

The purpose of the Human Life Care Bed is contributing to the psychiatric ward in design and functionality.

Resilience is a completely new type of hospital bed designed for and by its users.

During the design process, the full focus was on the patient, the nursing staff and their daily interaction. The design resembles a "normal bed". Has a homely feel.
Is comfortable and equipped with all standard functions that contribute to the patient's recovery process.

The bed is equipped with a 24 volt battery. The battery is safely stored in a drawer of the bed, which can only be opened with a keycard. This results in minimizing risks for patient and nursing staff.

All electrical cables are not accessible, as are all movable parts as far as possible.

The bed is equipped with all standard functions and wheels that are height adjustable by 4 motors.


Human Life Carebed


The safe bed. 

Electrical cords, elevation mechanics and mechanical parts are hidden keeping externalizing and suicidal patients safe. The bed is robust and stable standing on 2 large legs. Only the staff can elevate the bed or engage the wheel function.

Low noise and stable, which can assist in improving sleep during the patient's recovery.

No sharp edges. All edges are safely rounded.

Designed for the future.

Integrated computer system that communicates with the staff access card.

Fully waterproof.

Completely cordless.

Max. weight patient: 250kg.

Stability through 2 oval large legs.

Resilience Human Life Carebed - The new bed for psychiatric wards

Separate control panels
Both staff and patients can operate the bed but with different options.

Adjustment of height and mattress 
The bed provides great sitting comfort in the lower position.
Staff has access to all functionalities via  the basic remote control device. 
The patient is able to elevate the mattress with his/her own remote.
The CPR function takes the bed to a neutral position.
If allowed, the tilt and height adjustments are accessible by the patient. 

Wheels & legs 
On wheels easily mobile. In neutral position (on legs) the bed is robust and heavy. Not movable without aids.
In order to diminish the institutional look, the elevation mechanisms and wheels are hidden. In case of emergency, within seconds, the bed can go from mobile (on wheels) to stable (on legs).
The staff remote control device allows for directional lock of the front wheels.

The cordless bed
The bed comes with a replaceable, rechargeable battery.
The battery is placed in a closed and locked drawer at the foot of the bed.
The drawer can only be opened with a chip or keycard. The battery comes as a plugin solution and can easily be charged by the staff.
The drawer carries battery, staff remote control device with battery icon to indicate battery power status and a patient remote control.
The battery charger panel is placed in a separate room.

The Multifunctional pillow

An element of comfort calming the patient. The pillow can be used according to needs. The pillow is divided into three different changeable modules which can be assembled into one interconnected cover.

Bed/Sofa function

Comfortable | Multifunctional | Flexible | Security

The frame of the bed can be used as a handle when physically restraining a patient. Standard fixation belts can be used for fixation.

Fixation points for the belts are hidden in the design of the bed making the bed look natural rather than institutional.


Guard rails and headboards can be purchased and installed subsequently.

Guard rail and headboard are secured preventing  accidental dismounting, e.g. during operation of the bed. The headboard functions as a transportation grip.

Tech details

Bed dimensions: 
Length: 220cm.
Wide: 98cm.
Height low: 55cm.
Height top: 93cm.
Max. patient weight: 250kg.
Weight of bed: 250kg.
Mattress size: 205x85x14cm.
According to EN 60601-2-52

Current offer

Patient unfriendly
Unstable and light weight
Electrical cords accessible
Open technique
Not waterproof

Resilience Human Life Carebed

Patient and staff friendly
Low noise
Stable and heavy
Flexible and mobile
Cordless bed
Integrated technology 
Fully waterproof